3 Plants That Help To Keep Pond Water Clear

By Pond King
Duck Potato Plants

Keeping pond water clear is a challenge that pond owners come across frequently. What you want to keep in mind is that the effectiveness that plants can have on your pond water clarity will depend on factors specific to your pond. If your pond is already muddy, simply adding a plant to the environment will not improve the water clarity.

In fact, the plant will most likely die because of the lack of sunlight able to reach it. That being said, it is always best to consult a Pond King Biologist before adding plants to your pond environment. One way to keep your water clarity stable is to add another filter along the shorelines of your pond to prevent, or slow runoff from rain events from affecting your pond.

American Pondweed

These plants will create another filter for your pond and help with erosion, as well as create another food source for fish, as they will feed on the micro invertebrates that will live on and around these plants. In terms of aquatic plants that can be added along shorelines, the following are the most common options to install in your pond.

1. American Pondweed

This is a perennial plant that will have both floating and submerged leaves. This is a common plant throughout Texas, and its fruit matures in late spring, early summer.  This plant creates a nice habitat for fish, as well as providing food for ducks and other types of wildlife.

Pickerel Weed

2. Pickerel Weed

This is another perennial plant common in Texas. This plant is very aesthetically pleasing, as it has shiny green leaves, and each stem produces a flower bloom, violet blue in color, that are about 3-4 inches long.  Fish will also feed on the macro invertebrates that live on this aquatic plant.

Duck Potato Plants

3. Duck Potato

A perennial plant, this emergent plant grows well in 6-12 inches of water. Duck Potato can grow up to 4 feet, has broad leaves, and white flowers with 3 petals.  As with American Pondweed and Pickerel Weed, one of the greatest values of Duck Potato is food and cover for aquatic life.

These 3 plants are the most common that Pond King uses to enhance pond environments. As mentioned at this beginning of this post, simply adding a plant to a muddy pond will not help your water clarity, but these plants will help in adding another filter to keeping your pond stable.

If you have questions for a Pond King Biologist, please contact us for help.

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