3 Benefits of Pond Aeration

By Pond King

Much like all forms of life, oxygen is vital to maintaining a healthy body of water, especially here in Texas. So how can you increase the amount of oxygen in your pond? The answer is aeration.

Increased oxygen, decreased gasses

Pond aeration is the process of increasing the amount of oxygen that the pond is able to absorb, as well as releasing harmful gasses from the pond. It is common to use an aerating fountain to cycle the water from the bottom of your pond and give that water the ability to cycle out those gasses.

A lack of oxygen at the bottom of your pond can prevent the compounds in the deeper parts of the pond from being broken down, and that can affect the health of the pond, creating serious water quality issues.


Pond aeration will also help with the overall destratification of your pond. As mentioned above, the bottom of your pond will have a different oxygen level than the top, and there are many levels in between. Not only do these levels have different oxygen levels, but they also have different temperatures.

Aerating your pond will help to combine those levels, distributing more oxygen throughout the pond, and creating a more stable pond environment.

Algae bloom prevention

Another benefit of aeration is helping to prevent algae blooms to a certain extent. Algae blooms need phosphorus, and if there is enough oxygen throughout the pond, phosphorus will attach to iron, and fall to the sediment at the bottom of the pond, remaining unavailable for algae.

The main takeaway here is the importance of oxygen in your pond to create a stable and healthy environment for all kinds of life. Aeration allows you to support a higher density fish population as well as chemically treating vegetation without the fear of oxygen depletion as plants decompose. To find the best option to aerate your pond, contact a Pond King biologist today. (Also see: Surface Aerator and Fountains)

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