3 Reasons Fishing Pontoon Boats are Better Than Jon Boats

By Jill Roush
crappie fishing on pontoon boat

Fishing is supposed to be one of those activities that is both relaxing and enjoyable. The last thing you want to do is spend a day on the pond and come home frustrated and sore…or worse, soaking wet! If you’ve been spending your days fishing out of a Jon boat but find yourself coming home with achy knees and a sore back, it might be time to consider a fishing pontoon boat instead. Here are some reasons why a fishing pontoon boat is better than fishing in a Jon boat.

Reason #1: Reliability

You gather up your gear and load the truck the night before; you wake up early the next morning and start heading to the pond with your cup of coffee in hand. When you get there, your Jon boat is flipped upside down on the bank (because you don’t want it to fill up with water every time it rains), so you set all your gear down, flip the boat over and drag it to the water. Then you pick up all your gear again and carefully step in and plop down with as much Yoga balance as possible so as not to spill your cup of Joe.

If only you had a flat, stable platform that was tied up to your dock, and all you had to do was step from the dock to the pontoon boat with ease, untie the ropes from the cleats, and away you go. Doesn’t that sound nice?

That’s beauty number one of fishing pontoon boats! With a flat deck that beads up and runs off the water when it rains, leave them tied up to the fishing dock year-round, and they're ready when you are.

 Upside down Jon boat in water


Reason #2: Stability

Does sitting in the same position for hours sound enjoyable and relaxing? Personally, the answer to that is NO. Having stability and being able to move around is important to get the correct angle for landing your fish and prevent those achy knees and sore back.

Fishing on a pontoon boat offers a flat, level platform that you can easily move around on. Depending on the size of the aluminum deck, sometimes it will not even feel like you're on a boat at all; it's that stable!

When you are fishing, the ability to be mobile can greatly influence the overall experience of your catch. Let me set the scene, your hook is set, and you need extra leverage to land your fish, you can quickly stand up on a pontoon boat deck without having to worry about dancing to keep your balance, and you can kneel comfortably to bring in your trophy bass. If you tried to do any of that in a Jon boat, without the poise of a ballerina, you’ll more than likely be swimming in the water!

 Couple fishing on pontoon boat

Reason #3: Comfort

Not only does a larger platform offer stability, but it also offers more room and comfort. With a cushioned fishing chair instead of a flat, hard bench seat, or a seat that makes you feel like you’re sitting on the floor, a pontoon boat chair offers plush for your bottom and lumbar support for your back.

If you’re a taller person with long legs, you can sit with your feet flat on the deck, and you won't feel like your knees are right under your chin. The swivel fishing chairs also allow you to turn and access the cold beverages in the cooler,  your next go-to lure from the tackle box, or better yet, to face your buddy holding the camera to show off your best catch!


 Bass fishing on pontoon boat


Are you tired of practicing Yoga and ballet every time you go fishing in your Jon boat? Are you ready to be comfortable and enjoy fishing each time you head to the pond? If so, it might be time to trade in that Jon boat and start looking for a fishing pontoon boat.

Pontoon boat next to dock in pond

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