A Line of Products Designed to Get America Fishing Again

By Veronica Williams
The Pond King Patriot

Pond King is pleased to announce four new products that have been specially designed to help you get more from your outdoor experiences and ship for free in the continental U. S. 

Introducing a new line of Pond King products

Our number one goal is enhancing your outdoor experience. To make it possible for more people to get outside and enjoy time spent in nature, with friends and family, we're introducing a line of mini pontoon boats and floating dock kits that are designed so they can ship for free. Now we hope to see more people enjoying Pond King boats and docks all around the continental U.S.

DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits starting at $999

These DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer in you! We offer three different levels of do-it-yourself, but whichever one you choose, the memories start as soon as the pallet arrives at your location because assembling your boat is a great way to bring you and a helper closer together.

The True Do-it-Yourselfer Boat Kit (pontoons only)

(Photo of True Do-it-yourselfer)

The True Do-it-yourselfer includes 4 pontoons, the hardware for bolting our pontoons to the frame you build, a list of materials you'll need to build your deck and complete assembly instructions.

Build a Boat Kit Plus Photo

(Photo of the Build a Boat Kit Plus)

The Build a Boat Kit Plus includes all of the above, plus pre-cut, grey, marine grade carpet to cover the deck, marine grade glue and trowel for spreading, a motor mount, and a 6-piece 6” kick-rail with edge trim package. Both the True Do-it-yourselfer and the Build a Boat Kit Plus ship FREE to any location in the continental U.S. via UPS.

The Minimal Assembly DIY Boat Kit Photo

(Photo of Minimal Assembly DIY Boat Kit)

The Minimal Assembly DIY Boat Kit, you’ll receive 4 pontoons, a completely assembled wooden deck (see website for details), the motor mount and a welded, 1-piece, 6” kick-rail with edge trim. The "Minimal Assembly" DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kit ships free via freight to any commercial address in the continental U.S. 

The Rebel Modular Pontoon Boat starting at $1399

Landing a Bass from a Rebel Modular Mini Pontoon Boat

The Rebel Modular Mini Pontoon Boat is a completely new class of pontoon boat, built to assemble and disassemble in just minutes, so it’s easy to transport and easy to store. Great for fishing your pond, or limited lake access fishing spots, you can customize this one-man boat to make it truly a one-of-a-kind. Ships free to any location in the continental U.S. in just 3 boxes, via UPS Ground.

A photo of the Standard Rebel Modular Mini Pontoon Boat Rebel Modular Pontoon Optional Aluminum Deck and Powder Coated Pontoons


The Patriot Two-man Fishing Pontoon Boat starting at $2599

Two Kids Fishing on from an assembled Patriot Pontoon Boat Kit

We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary early with the introduction of this red, white and blue, two-man fishing boat that starts at just $2,599. Highly-stable, very maneuverable, and darn good-looking, this boat has been priced to get more Americans out on the water. Like the other Pond King Mini Pontoons show here, the Patriot ships free via freight to any commercial address in the continental U.S.

Red-white-blue-Patriot The-Patriot-Two-Man-Pontoon-Boat


Floating Dock Kits starting at $1999

An 8x8ft Dock Kit with TimberTech Decking

Pond King floating docks have long been a staple for some of the prettiest properties you’ll ever see in Texas and Oklahoma. Now, with these do-it-yourself, modular floating dock kits that ship for free, you can expect to see Pond King floating docks popping up on ponds across the country!

A floating dock kit and walkway without decking Loading a dock kit onto a truck for free shipping


If the only thing that's been holding you back from ordering your very own Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat or Floating Dock has been the cost of shipping, your wait is over. Order today and you could have a Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat or Floating Dock in a matter of a few short weeks. 

Pond King, Inc. | Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience for 25 Years!

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