Top 5 Tips for Fishing with Kids

By Abby Faulk
Boy holding catfish

“The best times are spent down at the pond” is the core value our company was built around. According to recent studies, research shows that children between the ages of 8 - 12 spend between 5-7 hours a day in front of a screen. When was the last time you had quality, technology free time with your kids? In the fast paced world we live in, time is fleeting and kids are growing up faster than they ever have in history. 

As the holiday season approaches, with many kids' Christmas gift lists riddled with things that require electricity or batteries, let's change the narrative and invest in your family. Fishing is a low cost family activity with exponential positive benefits for everyone involved.  

boy holding catfish

Top Tips for Fishing with Kids: I interviewed a few of the moms and dads that work here at Pond King and these are the top pieces of advice I have learned for how to take your kids fishing.

Fishing Tip #1: Take Snacks

Julia Child said it best when she said “ people who love to eat are the best people”, and kids are those people! Snacks or even a picnic lunch are a must when taking the kids out into nature. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy, just keep it simple and give them something to munch on while they wait for their bobber to go under.

Fishing Tip #2: Patience is a Virtue

You can learn many things from your kids, how much patience you have is one in particular. Now is your chance to put that into practice as well as teach your kids this life lesson. This is in fact the most important thing to bring with you! Kids have short attention spans so they may think worm hunting, frog catching, and rock throwing are a better use of their time down at the pond. But who cares? They are outside, with you and living their best life. These are the memories that they are going to remember, so get to making them! 

dad helping son take fish from hook

Fishing Tip #3: Don't be Outnumbered

Fishing can be a good time for some one-on-one time with your child, but that is not everyone’s journey. Kids are impatient, or at least mine seem to be, so the rule of thumb would be to try to not be outnumbered by little people. The feeling of being outnumbered can lead to the feeling of being overwhelmed, and that can lead to many other things that can quickly ruin a trip. 

Fishing Tip #4: Be Prepared

Be as prepared as you can be…with kids using sharp hooks, I mean. Get all of your fishing gear ready the night before, so it is a quick transition the next day from, “Surprise, no technology for the morning!” to their first cast. 


  • Tie on the lures:  We recommend the palomar knot.

  • Bring back up rods: I know that you know that they will hook at least one tree 

  • Select your body of water (Pro tip: pick a stocked pond or look for a community “Kid Fish” event.) 

  • Have a good selection of baits:  I personally have my kids hunt for worms around the house before we go. Double whammy of outside time, and that is what you call a parent win! For some kids, the soft plastics with beautiful colors might be more up their alley. 

  • A nice Fish Grip and Scale is a handy tool to have while fishing with kids. They can easily hold the fish, and see how big it is too!

  • Wipes to clean up after: Never leave home without them!

father and son fishing

Fishing Tip #5: Short and Sweet

Keeping your fishing expedition to just a few hours, or maybe even a few one hour trips will help keep the excitement of fishing alive. Preventing you and your littles from getting burnt out is important when the goal is to have the best times down at the pond fishing.  When your kids call it a day, you call it a day. Remember, this is about them! 


mom and son showing off fish

You only have 18 summers with your kids, make memories with them…down by the pond or anywhere really. These really are the best times and where life long, lasting memories are made. The kind that stays in their heart even when you are gone. Just remember: be patient, be prepared, be present, and bring snacks.

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