Where Can I Buy Fish to Stock My Pond?

By Pond King
Fish Being Released from Net

Don’t know where to buy fish? Whether you’ve just constructed a new pond or have decided you need to stock a pre-existing one, the experts at Pond King will be able to provide you with the fish you need.

Pond King is the premier fish provider for ponds and lakes of all sizes. For those costumers with a larger size lake, Pond King has a vast delivery area to meet your needs. If you live in the North Texas or Southern Oklahoma area, we welcome you to our facilities to pickup fish for your stocking needs!

1. Available Fish Species

Pond King’s fish holding facility houses a wide variety of fish species including Mozambique Tilapia, Coppernose Bluegill, Channel Catfish, F1 Bass, Black Crappie, Hybrid Stripers, and many others.

We also offer various sizes of fish, from fingerlings to adults, to meet your stocking needs. Pond King biologists can recommend specific stocking plans through consultation, in store, or over the phone.

Stocking can vary in price and is dependent on pond size. Visit our website to learn more about fish stocking packages and pricing. Bulk pricing discounts are available.

2. Delivery

For a larger order, delivery is available. Fish are transported in our fish hauling tanks, where they have continuous oxygen flow while in transit.

Once the fish have arrived to your property, the Pond King biologist will acclimate the fish to your pond.

After acclimation, fish will be released into their new home. For more details on fish deliveries and scheduling, contact us at (940) 668-2573.

3. Fish Pick Up

Calling Pond King prior to arrival of fish pick-up ensures that we have enough fish available to meet your stocking plan. For in store orders, Pond King representatives will bag your fish and explain the acclimation process so that your fish make it to your pond as healthy as possible.

After leaving our facility, we recommend releasing fish into your pond within a two to three hour time frame. For fish stocking outside of our recommended max travel time, we suggest scheduling a fish delivery or discussing other options. Planning ahead and bringing the proper vehicle with storage space is necessary for large fish orders.

Once you’ve arrived home with your fish, acclimation should occur before releasing the fish. Fish acclimation is recommended because there may be temperature differences between your pond and the water within the bag, and this period gives them time to adjust. Releasing fish without acclimation is not advised.

Calling a Pond King biologist to answer any and all stocking questions is always an option, or come by our offices in Gainesville, Texas just a hour drive north of Dallas. When you purchase fish from Pond King you’re also getting the expertise that comes from years of lake management experience. We don’t just sell you the fish we have, we get you the fish you need.

For more information about fish stocking, please visit: Fish Stocking FAQs

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